My rap album is out now! 

YES you read that right, a rap album. But why rap? What started as a joke and as a way to pass time during corona lockdown turned into passion. Freestyling over music everyday I discovered that consistency and not talent = results. 

I had this vision of merging my lessons learned from self development books with lyrics. I know many people might be turned off by books and this is a way to share the message of those books. This album is a summary of what I learned from some of my favourite books and authors. 

I produced the album using the bare minimum. A laptop running Logic Pro X with some plugins. Mostly Waves, Nexus, Massive and Serum. Add to that samples and layering of sounds. For some of the songs I hired musicians from guitars to vocals. For my vocal side of things I recorded mostly at home and in a hired studio on a budget microphone. Everyday I was freestyling, practicing and doing covers of songs. I would then freestyle and write lyrics about the books. Each day or week would be a different song to focus on. Post recording I would review it and maybe record again. I did so many versions!

For mixing and mastering I always outsource this because it is a logical process and as a producer you may destroy the emotion of the song since being too attached to it. Mixing and mastering was by Timothy Gerrets. 

Video content by Leo James Media.  

I’m no rap god and I’m not trying to be. I was super anxious to share this album and I still am. I hid it for a while, sharing only in private until I felt confident enough. Finally after one year of hard work I’m putting it out there. Hopefully some of the messages in my album will inspire you as they did me.