Song 1: Brian Tracy 


…..Brian tracy the original

wrote so many books on personal development

……make your life a miracle

gave you knowledge took to the higher element

Verse 1

No one lives long enough to learn everything 

starting from scratch that’s such a hard thing

give yourself a break use the knowledge from brian

been through it all strong and powered like a lion

king of the jungle conquer of the knowledge

bring to the table something to acknowledge

Share with you all of the books that he has penned

take at look them, use your time and spend

the right things learn the things to succeed

overcame obstacles and pull out the weed

became one of the leaders with the most success

Are you one of them, who wanna be the best? 


Verse 2

The cave you most fear to enter

contains the greatest of treasure 

overcome your fear, look it in the face 

hunt for your goals, go for the chase 

challenges encounter us we use our strength 

overcome obstacles and use our sense 

every step forward is a step to something bigger 

take the action, clock the gun yeah pull the trigger

brian tracy books speak on them your lips 

real-life examples and valuable tips

apply them to your life if you need motivation

higher in your life to a better situation

Song 2: Think Big

Verse 1

Come with me on a journey, i’m gonna take you through this one

i’ll guide through you the journey, listen up and you’ll become 

better than you could be, with this book by david schwartz

witness in your mind a scene, fill it up with joyful thoughts  

trust in this what u want, magic this and wave the wand   

whatever your goals are, you got this and you can go far beyond

of what you think your capable of, you can rise much higher above

from your mindset you can see, change it what you want to be 

think success and no excuses, build up confidence with no fear

take no stress, be the best, jump the fence and get so clear

i’m high, flying new heights i’m up in the skies

supply, trying new ways taller i rise 

above the haters they do nothing, see ya later keep moving 

no more average no norm, in your mind just a like storm 

thinking clearly make a move, constantly you should improve

if you stay with the alchemy of thinking bigger magically 


Think Big, Think Big Hey, Think Big, Think Big Yeah x 2 

Verse 2

Set your goals to be something bigger, this is book the of the magic winner 

be a believer in the formula, you can have success with this

all it takes is mindset is change, up the stakes and rearrange

what your thinking in your brain, serve you better let me explain 

if i could summarise what it’s about, first of all remove all doubt

no negative should be remaining that includes any complaining, 

right now your mind should be clear, take closer now your near

to pathways paved in solid gold this a classic yeah its old

but the advice is all still relevant, use it be smart and intelligent 

it could make you super rich, are you gonna make the switch 

turn it on it’s so easy, it’s not fake and it’s not cheesy  

to realise all your dreams, in your eyes by any means, 

The mind is what the mind is fed, this the book that should be read

Hope is a start to victory, take some action you will see

put these thoughts deep in your mind, listen up and you will find

something that you value all of your dreams will come true 


Song 3: The Power of Now 

Verse 1

The power, the power, the power, of now

open your mind, let yourself allow

show you that every single minute you spend

told you that thinking in your mind will never end

make now, in this moment have the focus in your life

show you how, in the present you will always rise

forget about the past or future leave behind

realise that you are not your mind

life is always flowing, going in the moments

pain and suffering, realising the components

detach from them flyway let go evolve

free yourself, breakaway, let the pain dissolve

anger will only keep stuck inside your head

listen to eckhart everything thing he said

heart on the hand the truth will set you free

open your eyes to a new way to see

Verse 2

Stop that judging of your thoughts 

write them down from zero to naughts

rising above to the top of your presence 

feeling love inside is all of your essence

the ego is time trapped in illusion

prisoner inside of this delusion

focus on the now, stop creating time

escaping from the past or the future time

the inner body and the healing of the self

it’s time to focus on your inner health

find inner peace inside of yourself

and share with love its the true wealth

follow this path and make your real peace

live your life break free and release 

the power of now as you can see

this the way of the new reality

Song 4: How To Win Friends & Influence People

Verse 1

How to win friends and influence people

classic guide come join on this ride

take this book just through the preview

think of this one just like a review 

it’s like the fuel, it’s like the diesel 

have the power to handle people

socializing it’s time it’s to progress 

dc wrote this one for success

part one let me start to explain

never criticise condem or complain

positive vibes that should be your aim

that’s the lesson is the main

thing in harmony 

ideas, influence and agree

win friends and be likeable 

influence and desirable 


How to win friends and influence people

lead you to success becoming one of the best

make people like you wanna be with you

how to win friends and, how to win friends and 

Verse 2

Begin things in a friendly way

comfortable people what they say 

your the one give their interest 

think of the conversation invest 

remember what the persons name 

listen up about where they came

from… make an impression

have a smile upon your expression

win them to what your thinking

keep things afloat you’ll never be sinking

cruising through the water with others 

treat them like your sisters and brothers 

give honest praise and gratefulness 

never inside any hatefulness

this is timeless wisdom advice 

knowledge is power, worthy of price


Song 5: Norman Vincent Peale

Verse 1 

Norman vincent peale  

speaking positive for real

1952 self helf on the shelf

improve your life and improve self 

confidence living indeed what you need 

practical advice, quality satisfaction

don’t think twice, lights, camera action 

a peaceful mind is a positive power

the truthful mind will grow like a flower 

the world is nothing more than thoughts you had

and how you react is either good or bad

never think less or put yourself down

never get stress or let yourself down

this where your going and not where your from

make moves forwards towards the outcome

believe in yourself have vision for your goal

achieve for yourself in your mind take control


You’ll never keep me down, mess me around, boy i’m too proud x 2 (can you feel it, can you feel it)

Verse 2 

Stop that fuming and fretting no sweeting

put all your cards on the table start betting

expect the best take the test and go get it

forget the rest, full of jest don’t sweat it

Imagine, your life free of fear

have that vision in your mind so clear

about who you, would want to be

breaking free from the chains of negativity 

take control of your thoughts and you’ll find 

roots of good thoughts, yeah in your mind

a higher level of happiness inside

be joyful, yeah jump on this ride 

to take things higher to a positive place 

be happy, don’t cry put a smile on your face 

stay hopeful and you will succeed

this book, i recommend you read


Song 6: Awaken The Giant Within 

Verse 1

Wake the giant within it’s time for you take control

tony robbins showed a way for you to set a goal 

in his book unleashed a step-by-step guide

all the strategies and the techniques are inside 

discover this and harness the fullness of life 

master your emotions and the seasons of life 

Understand with a plan, make your life vision

understand get with it man, it’s your life decision

starting in your mind spreading through your body

your past won’t stop from becoming somebody

ignore everybody –  believe

your the one, u can  achieve

think about, health, wealth, love and friends 

set your on goals on these your life depends

your destiny, it’s a guarantee 

follow this book better you will be


Wake your life, open your eyes

believe your destiny, successful you can be 

Verse 2

Wake your life now, open your eye

swept away now the tides are high

slept away no the stakes high 

don’t you ask me i don’t why 

uh, you could just be in the sky

listen to this yeah you’ll know why

follow the visions you will see

make the change in your life, and be 

be certain in yourself, draw the curtain, clear the shelf 

rise awaken, shift your focus, book provoke us 

and move us closer to our dreams what seems

impossible before its a new door 

to open our mind and find new ways 

pave the waves achieving believing

keep the faith, for the truth 

stay true to what you do


Song 7, Alchemy 

Verse 1

Santiago had it dream it was prophetic

a vision in his mind that was magnetic 

recurring dreams in the night a prohepshy

a fortune teller, showed him to treasure to see

so he took a journey and met an old king

he was the king, of salem and he told him

travel to egypt and sell your sheep

this not a dream and your not asleep

santiago took the, path way ahead

had some money, food, water and some bread

but a man tricked him and took all of his cash

he had nothing left, he took all of his stash

so he started working as a merchant

better make money for this is urgent

for him to follow his dreams a prophesy

by any means, just to see


Alchemy, follow me, destiny, prophesy   

Verse 2

Santiago he met people in his search

fell in love with a girl marry in a church

before this she tells him meet your phopechy

this a promise between you and me

frustrated he must not stop or sacrifice

don’t get distracted from your purpose in your life

losing focus at this moment meets an alchemist 

the wise old man talks and clears the mist

all of the wars and the journeys you took

all were distractions, go take a look

the soul of the world turned him into the wind

tore through the desert so fast left sand behind

moving to the pyramids he arrived 

at this moment he realised 

Remember, forever, wherever your heart is, 

that is wherever you’ll find your treasure.


Song 6, Psycho-Cybernetic 


Psycho cybernetic

I rhyme this one poetic 

no matter your genetic

can come with new aesthetic

a new way for your Living 

this is a new beginning

no more sad or missing

say goodbye start winning


Maxwell maltz was a plastic surgeon

what he noticed through his immersion

people wanted to become a new person

that weren’t happy with their current version

so for example they changed their face

looked in the mirror they felt a disgrace 

thought the answer was to replace 

changing the face is not always the case

just because you have a new cosmetic 

change your face with a new aesthetic

that doesn’t mean anything forget it

look inside of your genetic

are your projecting a positive self 

taking care of your mental health 

increase your happiness and your wealth

you can do it believe in yourself 


Song 9, The Luck Factor


Luck is the factor, four way attractor X4

Verse 1

I bring fortune, favours prepare your mind

shine a light on this and help you to find

grow higher, flourish a network of luck

get skilled, get smart, no you don’t wanna suck 

nor get on down on your knees none of that stuff 

i’m telling u the truth, no this isn’t a bluff

real luck is all about maximising chance

open your mind and let yourself enhance 


Verse 2

Listen…like a leader to your hunches

make decisions and roll with the punches 

trust in yourself, take the focus on the inner

trust in yourself yeah you’ll become a winner

sharpen the sword inside your intuition 

carving the blade inside with mediation

look within is treasure, power is a measure 

believe in yourself, your mind the true wealth   


Verse 3

Here with go a summary of number three

luck psychology which will set you free 

bring it on to me and change your situation

combine a strong vision with imagination 

welcome all the fortune to come your way

make all of the moves whatever people say

believe you can do it and take the highest way

this is the truth, yeah to this day


Verse 4

Number four turn your bad luck to good

listen up and make sure this one’s understood

any ills in your life you can turn them round

any spills down pick yourself up and rebound

from now in the present to the future situation  

no more negative resent, have good observation

move forwards and upwards with no ill will

this is the matrix, take the red pill


Song 10, Millionaire Mind

Verse 1

These are the wealth files in a nutshell

money is a game to win play it well

understand this man with the plan

understand this man yeah you can

climb to the mountain to the top

reaching higher never stop

shake it, move it to the future

stay smart listen up to the tutor

follow this book on a path to being rich

open your mind and turn on the switch

t harv eker no one does it better

read all the info yeah to the letter 

open up the book inside you will find 

everything is set for a millionaire mind 

claim the throne now cos your the king  

wild thing you make wanna sing


“Wild thing, you make my heart sing.” 

Verse 2

Groovy baby yeah i’m powerful

fully confident, i’m never doubtful 

that’s the mindset you need to believe

choose a goal set, something to achieve

excellent people they can receive

this is an element to succeed

believe in yourself, for there is more 

100 percent yeah thats for sure 

hang around with a positive crew 

promote yourself everything you do

don’t think negative about promotion

erase and remove this emotion

replace with it with a new one

a one that will make u someone

rich wealthy and loaded

with a bank so big it’s exploded 


Verse 3

Do you wanna be a millionaire

do you wanna never have to care

it starts in your mind up there

you gotta be conscious you gotta take care

of your money blueprint, everything you think

conditioned in your mind, like its written ink

step up to the plate and be a go getter

t harv ever he make, your mind better

start playing money and play to it win

don’t be a loser cos thats’s a sin

save your time, get paid for results

make some moves not afraid your adults

stand up tall bigger than your challenges

rise up all your winner you got this

this is the millionaire mind 

t harv eker written and signed