The secrets of money. Most money issues are due to the wrong mindset. Inside this book you will find some eye opening insights into the ways people unconsciously develop attitudes and behaviors towards money. Most of which are learned from parents and most do not serve people well. 

For me this book was a game changer. It helped me overcome many financial blocks that I had. Nowadays most of my income is passive and I don’t have a boss. Which is exactly what I had wanted for many years. This book helped me to set the right state of mind. I regularly re-read it to refresh those insights. If you have been at the same level of financial success for a long time and are looking to earn more then read this. Go ahead and challenge your beliefs. 

Writing this song was a blast! Originally I cut up and edited the song “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. Problem was when uploading it to release it kept getting flagged due to copyright. The only way round that was to recreate the whole thing. Now that is impossible to do with just samples so I hired real instruments and singers. Eventually I found Ariel Delgado, who killed it on guitar and Tomitemp for vocals. 

For my lyrics and performance I went with an aggressive vocal take. Again it came from that session in July. I loved the rawness of it, you can even hear my voice crack on verse two! It’s very rock and roll, unpolished and raw! The lyrics summarize the book and tie in with the song sample nicely. Enjoy.



Verse 1

These are the wealth files in a nutshell

money is a game to win play it well

understand this man with the plan

understand this man yeah you can

climb to the mountain to the top

reaching higher never stop

shake it, move it to the future

stay smart listen up to the tutor

follow this book on a path to being rich

open your mind and turn on the switch

t harv eker no one does it better

read all the info yeah to the letter 

open up the book inside you will find 

everything is set for a millionaire mind 

claim the throne now cos your the king  

wild thing you make wanna sing


“Wild thing, you make my heart sing.” 

Verse 2

Groovy baby yeah i’m powerful

fully confident, i’m never doubtful 

that’s the mindset you need to believe

choose a goal set, something to achieve

excellent people they can receive

this is an element to succeed

believe in yourself, for there is more 

100 percent yeah thats for sure 

hang around with a positive crew 

promote yourself everything you do

don’t think negative about promotion

erase and remove this emotion

replace with it with a new one

a one that will make u someone

rich wealthy and loaded

with a bank so big it’s exploded 


Verse 3

Do you wanna be a millionaire

do you wanna never have to care

it starts in your mind up there

you gotta be conscious you gotta take care

of your money blueprint, everything you think

conditioned in your mind, like its written ink

step up to the plate and be a go getter

t harv ever he make, your mind better

start playing money and play to it win

don’t be a loser cos thats’s a sin

save your time, get paid for results

make some moves not afraid your adults

stand up tall bigger than your challenges

rise up all your winner you got this

this is the millionaire mind 

t harv eker written and signed


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