Song 2, Think Big. You don’t need to be talented to be successful. Rather instead you need to behave and think in certain ways to succeed. The Magic of Thinking Big. This book is a timeless classic and inside you will find tons of actionable advice. Not only will it help to improve your thinking but as a direct result it will influence career success, goal achievement and a more fulfilling life. 

I can’t remember exactly what or who turned me onto this book because I probably wouldn’t have chosen it. It looks quite dated and hype. Anyway it’s probably down to the fact that so many people rate it highly. For good reason. True it is an old book but as I mentioned before old advice lasts the test of time. This book helped me to enhance my mindset which gave me bigger goals, results and a better outlook on life. If you want to step up a level then check it out. 

I remember this song coming together from the chorus. I was just freestyling over some trap instrumentals and the chorus just fit. So I then built my own trap beat. I wanted the verses to be very simple so that the musicality and chords could open up around the chorus. Lyric wise I focused on summarizing the key principles of the book such as remove doubt, negativity and complaining. Set your goals to be something bigger, this is the book of the magic winner. 

thanks to John Olivant for sharing this song and post. Check his blog out for some great content!



Verse 1

Come with me on a journey, i’m gonna take you through this one

i’ll guide through you the journey, listen up and you’ll become 

better than you could be, with this book by david schwartz

witness in your mind a scene, fill it up with joyful thoughts  

trust in this what u want, magic this and wave the wand   

whatever your goals are, you got this and you can go far beyond

of what you think your capable of, you can rise much higher above

from your mindset you can see, change it what you want to be 

think success and no excuses, build up confidence with no fear

take no stress, be the best, jump the fence and get so clear

i’m high, flying new heights i’m up in the skies

supply, trying new ways taller i rise 

above the haters they do nothing, see ya later keep moving 

no more average no norm, in your mind just a like storm 

thinking clearly make a move, constantly you should improve

if you stay with the alchemy of thinking bigger magically 


Think Big, Think Big Hey, Think Big, Think Big Yeah x 2 

Verse 2

Set your goals to be something bigger, this is book the of the magic winner 

be a believer in the formula, you can have success with this

all it takes is mindset is change, up the stakes and rearrange

what your thinking in your brain, serve you better let me explain 

if i could summarise what it’s about, first of all remove all doubt

no negative should be remaining that includes any complaining, 

right now your mind should be clear, take closer now your near

to pathways paved in solid gold this a classic yeah its old

but the advice is all still relevant, use it be smart and intelligent 

it could make you super rich, are you gonna make the switch 

turn it on it’s so easy, it’s not fake and it’s not cheesy  

to realise all your dreams, in your eyes by any means, 

The mind is what the mind is fed, this the book that should be read

Hope is a start to victory, take some action you will see

put these thoughts deep in your mind, listen up and you will find

something that you value all of your dreams will come true


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