Power is in people. Think about it. Everything good in your life came from a connection to someone. Dale Carnegie wrote this book back in 1936. That’s a really long time ago! But it shows you that if knowledge can last that long then it’s good knowledge. So many people get caught up in the next best new book or motivational speaker and so on. Really we need to get back to the basics. The time-tested advice in this book has been quoted by thousands of successful people. Inside you will find proven ways to make people like you, win them to your way of thinking, get them interested in you and much more. 

I’ve read this book a few times and each time it freshens up my social life. Most of the advice is really simple such as be easy going, smile, listen and so on. But it’s profound and it works. I highly recommend this book if you have or want to improve your social life. 

A classic book indeed and one I didn’t want to leave out. It was in fact the last song I wrote for the album. As a UK guy I wanted to represent with some UK garage. The song construction was a really simple 4/4 ukg beat with minimal instruments. Lyric wise I simply summarized the main parts of the book. To help with this I went through a few blurbs online as well as referring to my own book notes. Once I had the chorus down I sent it off to my singer Jessona to try a few versions of some basslines I had.



Verse 1

How to win friends and influence people

classic guide come join on this ride

take this book just through the preview

think of this one just like a review 

it’s like the fuel, it’s like the diesel 

have the power to handle people

socializing it’s time it’s to progress 

dc wrote this one for success

part one let me start to explain

never criticise condem or complain

positive vibes that should be your aim

that’s the lesson is the main

thing in harmony 

ideas, influence and agree

win friends and be likeable 

influence and desirable 


How to win friends and influence people

lead you to success becoming one of the best

make people like you wanna be with you

how to win friends and, how to win friends and 

Verse 2

Begin things in a friendly way

comfortable people what they say 

your the one give their interest 

think of the conversation invest 

remember what the persons name 

listen up about where they came

from… make an impression

have a smile upon your expression

win them to what your thinking

keep things afloat you’ll never be sinking

cruising through the water with others 

treat them like your sisters and brothers 

give honest praise and gratefulness 

never inside any hatefulness

this is timeless wisdom advice 

knowledge is power, worthy of price


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