The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle presents a way to end suffering and achieve inner peace. Once you can learn to become more in the present moment you can enjoy a better life.

Personally this book made a huge impact on my life. Before listening to his book my thoughts were very confused and out of my control. After listening to this book it helped to relieve me from a lot of bs and mental fog. Realizing that you are not your thoughts is one of the most powerful lessons in there. Everyone should read this book once. Yes it can be a little bit hippy but it is also really practical and will give you a better understanding of yourself. As the oracle says “know thyself”.

Recording and producing this song was a labour of love. Instead of having a standard chorus I wanted to use samples of Eckhart Tolle talking because his voice made such a huge impact on me. For a long time I couldn’t quite find the right beat for how I wanted to map out the song.  Finally I stripped things down and constructed my own beats and melodies. I enjoy making music that way from the ground up because it gives me a more satisfying feeling. 

The song ended up becoming a monster and I had to really push my vocal performance. It  took so many takes but what stuck was this recording of mine from back in July. The performance was really strong and raw. Even when I tried to do better months later I couldn’t beat it. Maybe it was because I was completely in the moment!



Verse 1

The power, the power, the power, of now

open your mind, let yourself allow

show you that every single minute you spend

told you that thinking in your mind will never end

make now, in this moment have the focus in your life

show you how, in the present you will always rise

forget about the past or future leave behind

realise that you are not your mind

life is always flowing, going in the moments

pain and suffering, realising the components

detach from them flyway let go evolve

free yourself, breakaway, let the pain dissolve

anger will only keep stuck inside your head

listen to eckhart everything thing he said

heart on the hand the truth will set you free

open your eyes to a new way to see

Verse 2

Stop that judging of your thoughts 

write them down from zero to naughts

rising above to the top of your presence 

feeling love inside is all of your essence

the ego is time trapped in illusion

prisoner inside of this delusion

focus on the now, stop creating time

escaping from the past or the future time

the inner body and the healing of the self

it’s time to focus on your inner health

find inner peace inside of yourself

and share with love its the true wealth

follow this path and make your real peace

live your life break free and release 

the power of now as you can see

this the way of the new reality

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