Born way back in 1898, Norman Vincent Peale grew up to become a bestselling author of many books including the inspirational best seller of The Power of Positive Thinking. In 1984 Peale was awarded the Presidential medal of Freedom by Ronald Reagan. Pretty legendary guy. His books are quite short but they are very motivating and inspirational. 

I’m really inspired by the message Norman left and I wanted to put that inspiration into a song. Since he has so many classic books I thought it would be better to dedicate the song to him and his most famous quotes, sayings and so on. Plus when I was coming up with lyrics his name just had the right amount of syllables to go over a beat I was working with! 

For the song I worked mostly with samples. To start I was freestyling over old school nineties house beats. I love that fusion of soul and classic dance. For the verse I didn’t want to go too hard and so I went with a “De La Soul” kind of laid back vibe. There is also some of my singing on here for the backing vocals.



Verse 1 

Norman vincent peale  

speaking positive for real

1952 self helf on the shelf

improve your life and improve self 

confidence living indeed what you need 

practical advice, quality satisfaction

don’t think twice, lights, camera action 

a peaceful mind is a positive power

the truthful mind will grow like a flower 

the world is nothing more than thoughts you had

and how you react is either good or bad

never think less or put yourself down

never get stress or let yourself down

this where your going and not where your from

make moves forwards towards the outcome

believe in yourself have vision for your goal

achieve for yourself in your mind take control


You’ll never keep me down, mess me around, boy i’m too proud x 2 (can you feel it, can you feel it)

Verse 2 

Stop that fuming and fretting no sweeting

put all your cards on the table start betting

expect the best take the test and go get it

forget the rest, full of jest don’t sweat it

Imagine, your life free of fear

have that vision in your mind so clear

about who you, would want to be

breaking free from the chains of negativity 

take control of your thoughts and you’ll find 

roots of good thoughts, yeah in your mind

a higher level of happiness inside

be joyful, yeah jump on this ride 

to take things higher to a positive place 

be happy, don’t cry put a smile on your face 

stay hopeful and you will succeed

this book, i recommend you read


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