Are you the one in control of your life? Or are you being swept away by the forces of life? In his powerful self help book “Awaken The Giant Within” Tony Robbins the most famous self help guru presented a way for the reader to take control of their life. 

To be honest I waited sometime before reading this book because I was skeptical of Tony Robbins. To an outsider he comes off a little bit too hype. However around the same time I also felt like direction was missing in my life and so I tried it out. Turns out Tony is popular for good reason! I was really blown away by how much value was inside this book. The book presented me with life vision, emotional control, how to set goals and much more. To this day I still use it. If you’re looking to improve yourself and your life then give this book a shot. That means trying out everything Tony suggests even if it seems weird. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. 

Making this song was really difficult, probably because there is so much knowledge inside the book. It was really hard to condense it down without leaving important things out. So much wisdom! Starting out I was freestyling different lines based on parts of the book. Then I had to condense all of my lyrics down to get the right flow and message. It really went through so many versions. Towards the end my voice started to improve and also my recording setup had an upgrade. So I recorded again, and again! 

The construction of the song was really inspired by producers like Flume with their future bass styles. That production was really comlex and took ages. For the chorus I hired a singer called “Tashabu” who I had sung my lyrics to. We played around with the phrasing and got a cool take.



Verse 1

Wake the giant within it’s time for you take control

tony robbins showed a way for you to set a goal 

in his book unleashed a step-by-step guide

all the strategies and the techniques are inside 

discover this and harness the fullness of life 

master your emotions and the seasons of life 

Understand with a plan, make your life vision

understand get with it man, it’s your life decision

starting in your mind spreading through your body

your past won’t stop from becoming somebody

ignore everybody –  believe

your the one, u can  achieve

think about, health, wealth, love and friends 

set your on goals on these your life depends

your destiny, it’s a guarantee 

follow this book better you will be


Wake your life, open your eyes

believe your destiny, successful you can be 

Verse 2

Wake your life now, open your eye

swept away now the tides are high

slept away no the stakes high 

don’t you ask me i don’t why 

uh, you could just be in the sky

listen to this yeah you’ll know why

follow the visions you will see

make the change in your life, and be 

be certain in yourself, draw the curtain, clear the shelf 

rise awaken, shift your focus, book provoke us 

and move us closer to our dreams what seems

impossible before its a new door 

to open our mind and find new ways 

pave the waves achieving believing

keep the faith, for the truth 

stay true to what you do


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