The Alchemist. Most of you have probably heard about this book. It’s a short story about a shepherd boy named Santiago. After recurring dreams he travels across the Egyptian desert in search of treasure. Along his way he meets a woman, a king and an Alchemist. No one knows what treasure he seeks or if he will be able to overcome the obstacles along the way. But rather along the way what starts as a journey outwards becomes one inwards. 

I’m not usually one to read fiction because it’s difficult to find a good book (if you know any tell me). Plus I’m a very goal driven person so having purpose in my time is crucial. However The Alchemist came highly recommended. Most people would say that the book’s main theme is about finding one’s destiny. If you’re not too into reading then this is a great little book to give you some inspiration.

Making this song I was influenced heavily by the current hip hop. Right now there is a ton of cool hip hop merging reverb vocals, guitars and 808s. I wanted to try that and I had a lot of fun with it. The lyric writing came very naturally to me. My goal was retelling the story, in highlight form. Verse one began with the outset of Santiago’s journey and culminated in verse two where he finds his purpose and the real meaning of treasure. The chorus was fun to do too and I actually hired an Arabic singer, Yassiridrissi to create an eastern vibe. The guitars are sampled. I was lucky to find two in the same key that had this great contrasting effect.



Verse 1

Santiago had it dream it was prophetic

a vision in his mind that was magnetic 

recurring dreams in the night a prohepshy

a fortune teller, showed him to treasure to see

so he took a journey and met an old king

he was the king, of salem and he told him

travel to egypt and sell your sheep

this not a dream and your not asleep

santiago took the, path way ahead

had some money, food, water and some bread

but a man tricked him and took all of his cash

he had nothing left, he took all of his stash

so he started working as a merchant

better make money for this is urgent

for him to follow his dreams a prophesy

by any means, just to see


Alchemy, follow me, destiny, prophesy   

Verse 2

Santiago he met people in his search

fell in love with a girl marry in a church

before this she tells him meet your phopechy

this a promise between you and me

frustrated he must not stop or sacrifice

don’t get distracted from your purpose in your life

losing focus at this moment meets an alchemist 

the wise old man talks and clears the mist

all of the wars and the journeys you took

all were distractions, go take a look

the soul of the world turned him into the wind

tore through the desert so fast left sand behind

moving to the pyramids he arrived 

at this moment he realised 

Remember, forever, wherever your heart is, 

that is wherever you’ll find your treasure.


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