We all doubt ourselves too much and most of us don’t live upto our full potential. From working as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz realized that most people after surgery still had unresolved emotional scars, and that these could be removed by changing their self-image. Inside his book are techniques based in science which are timeless. Psycho-Cybernetics essentially means to direct your mind to a productive, useful goal so that one can reach peace of mind.

Everyone should read this book. For sure it will help you to remove many of your blocks towards the success you want and deserve. It’s really only you in the way. 

For the songwriting and production process of this song I really wanted to have something dance floor style. I was inspired by this cool song “Jean Juan – Sauce”. I love the switch up between house and rap on it. He also used a vocoder for the singing and since I can’t sing I thought it would be awesome to try a vocoder. For that by the way I used Izotopes vocoder and you can rent that on splice. 

To be honest this song was very difficult to produce and record. Creating a minimal vibe that also sounds big is challenging. Plus trying to bridge that gap between technology and passion is hard. My voice kept evolving during the album recording stages so I kept coming back until the last minute. Lyric wise I’m super happy with how I managed to capture a good flow and a well summarized account of the book’s main message.




Psycho cybernetic

I rhyme this one poetic 

no matter your genetic

can come with new aesthetic

a new way for your Living 

this is a new beginning

no more sad or missing

say goodbye start winning


Maxwell maltz was a plastic surgeon

what he noticed through his immersion

people wanted to become a new person

that weren’t happy with their current version

so for example they changed their face

looked in the mirror they felt a disgrace 

thought the answer was to replace 

changing the face is not always the case

just because you have a new cosmetic 

change your face with a new aesthetic

that doesn’t mean anything forget it

look inside of your genetic

are your projecting a positive self 

taking care of your mental health 

increase your happiness and your wealth

you can do it believe in yourself 


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