Have you ever wondered why some people easily lead lives of success whilst others struggle through failures? What is it that separates them? Professor Richard Wiseman decided to investigate the actual experiences and beliefs of so called “unlucky” and “lucky” people. The results of his work are presented in his book “The Luck Factor”. Using four simple points that are scientifically proven to increase the good luck in your life. Yes unlucky people can become more lucky in all areas of their lives. 

Now this is probably my favourite book ever because it is based on proven science. The first time I read it was before going on a holiday, it was one of the best! Since then I re-read this book once a year to refresh those principles in my mind. If you want to become more lucky and have a generally more positive life then you should read it too. 

The production of this song was inspired by Skepta’s song “It ain’t safe”. I love his flow and voice. Plus the structure of this song seemed to match my ideas for presenting the message of this book. Since the book has four principles I decided to write four verses summarizing each principle. It’s a lyric heavy song so I kept the choruses and instruments simple. I went for a Nirvana style rock beat and instruments to create a grungy feel.




Luck is the factor, four way attractor X4

Verse 1

I bring fortune, favours prepare your mind

shine a light on this and help you to find

grow higher, flourish a network of luck

get skilled, get smart, no you don’t wanna suck 

nor get on down on your knees none of that stuff 

i’m telling u the truth, no this isn’t a bluff

real luck is all about maximising chance

open your mind and let yourself enhance 


Verse 2

Listen…like a leader to your hunches

make decisions and roll with the punches 

trust in yourself, take the focus on the inner

trust in yourself yeah you’ll become a winner

sharpen the sword inside your intuition 

carving the blade inside with mediation

look within is treasure, power is a measure 

believe in yourself, your mind the true wealth   


Verse 3

Here with go a summary of number three

luck psychology which will set you free 

bring it on to me and change your situation

combine a strong vision with imagination 

welcome all the fortune to come your way

make all of the moves whatever people say

believe you can do it and take the highest way

this is the truth, yeah to this day


Verse 4

Number four turn your bad luck to good

listen up and make sure this one’s understood

any ills in your life you can turn them round

any spills down pick yourself up and rebound

from now in the present to the future situation  

no more negative resent, have good observation

move forwards and upwards with no ill will

this is the matrix, take the red pill


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